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The Landing Deal - what's the holdup?
« on: July 28, 2006, 09:41:05 AM »
The Landing Deal - what's the holdup?

On March 21st of this year, the Mayor’s office held a press conference, with much TV  camera-loving fanfare and hoopla, to announce that he and Toney Sleiman had finally reached agreement, whereby Sleiman would be able to purchase the east parking lot from the city.  This announcement came two months after Peyton had told Sleiman the deal was dead (Peyton had grandeur ideas of playgrounds and merry-go-rounds downtown instead).  Apparently this change of heart from Peyton came about because of the rumored threat of multiple lawsuits (forget doing the right thing).  In any case, it was good news because it meant not only could Sleiman build a new building on the east lot, but Cameron Kuhn could go ahead with building River Watch City Centre next to the Humana building.  

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Don\'t forget, Gate owns Riverplace Tower.  What\'s good for downtown is good for the entire region.  So I can\'t see Peyton or anyone stalling the deal because of growth on the Southside.

Nevertheless, something smells pretty fishy.  It makes little sense to stall a \"done deal\" for four months, unless one of the parties has gone back on their word and attempted to add or take something out of the \"done deal\".

In the meantime, Sleiman still continues to pour his blood and soul into the center.  Since 2003, the Landing has turned around and its noe becoming the place to be.  It may be time to for Metro Jacksonville to publicly remind officials to get out of the way and let the private sector do what is does best.
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If it was Toney\'s lawyer drafting it, the deal would have been done
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Whre is the ace quick staff of Mullaney, are they so busy worrying about the 35,000 people who signed the Cecil Field petition that they can\'t complete a simple contract? Drawing up an agreed upon deal is not rocket science. But wait, he negotiated with Toney for two years last time before pulling the plug, maybe this is another ploy.


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I think its time we have anoher public meeting with Suzanne Jenkins!! This is getting old, dirt should already be turning.


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Re: The Landing Deal - what's the holdup?
« Reply #4 on: April 03, 2010, 09:22:58 PM »
Unfortunately this is one MJ has not been able to help push through.  The complaint four years ago was that it had been four months.
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