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Photos: 1970s Jacksonville Beach
« on: June 07, 2024, 11:36:58 PM »
Photos: 1970s Jacksonville Beach

A look at Jacksonville Beach during the 1970s.

I remember those times well.  The beaches were just summer second homes for people living in town, not primary residences for locals and second homes for ultra wealthy residents from elsewhere.

To add, in the picture below, the high rise was the Sea Turtle Inn (now Ocean One) and the low rise attached to it was the Sea Turtle restaurant (now Azurea) that, before Hurricane Dora in 1964, stretched out over the beach and predated the hotel's construction. 

All the boulders along the shoreline were placed there after Dora to handle erosion but also were perpetually home to thousands of giant rats living off beach goers trash blown into the rocks by offshore winds.

In the foreground, is the semi circular hotel that was recently bought by Shad Khan as an investment.

When Richard Nixon was president, his son-in-law was stationed at Mayport so his daughter lived in Atlantic Beach and Nixon made at least one presidential visit to see her here.

Most of Jax Beach's "downtown" was decrepit in the mid 1970's and you wouldn't want to be caught there after dark.

Other than the Ponte Vedra Club and immediately surrounding development, Ponte Vedra was not much more than natural vegetation.

Beaches then are a long way from today.

Charles Hunter

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Re: Photos: 1970s Jacksonville Beach
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I didn't realize (remember) that the Ferris Wheel was still there in the 1970s. When did it come down?