Author Topic: Sun Ray Cinema warns of impending sale of their building to Atlanta developer...  (Read 14030 times)


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I'm sure the person was speaking about their personal experience and not being delusional. I live in Avondale and only go to 5 points for the Sunray and Midnight Sun. There is now really nothing to draw us older folks and or families to the area. Not delusional just the truth.


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Some info on Sun Ray's replacement:

So it won't be a parking garage, golf simulator, or taco shop?!  A music venue is a great replacement tenant and will probably activate 5 Points more than the theater.  I hope the people that expressed outrage over the news of Sun Ray closing calm down a little.


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Why would it activate 5 Points more than a movie theater that shows at least 2-3 movies a day? It looks like most of the venues run by that company host a handful of concerts a month. And then get rented for weddings or other events.