Author Topic: Jax 3rd Worst To Visit for Holidays  (Read 2853 times)


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Re: Jax 3rd Worst To Visit for Holidays
« Reply #15 on: June 13, 2024, 09:49:05 PM »
Just a mind-numbiingly stupid “study,” in an outlet with mind-numbingly low standards in 2024, that likely has some PR agency pulling the strings in the background. It’s embarrassing that local media would even react to a “study” that penalizes Florida cities for being warm during the summer, equates cheap hotels with desirability, simultaneously rewards mass transit AND volume of surface and garage parking spots, infers that people should prioritize travel destinations that have the cheapest gas after you’ve already arrived, etc. Just legit, bottom barrel clearly designed around making one of the top cities look like less of a lemon.

To Lake’s point, anyone who takes this drivel seriously is a glutton for punishment and a goofy, old-school Jacksonville doomer. The great thing about the influx of new residents over the last twenty years and the shifting demographics is that the inferiority complex is starting to age out. Good riddance, I say. If they want to take it seriously, perhaps they need a one-way ticket to that #1 beacon of tropical summer paradise celebrated in the study - Minnesota.