Author Topic: Duval County Public Schools narrows list of bidders for headquarters move  (Read 1963 times)


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Maybe JTA wants to convert the Skyway track to a horizontal office building (see the miles long horizontal city Saudi Arabia wants to build in the desert for inspiration).  Finally, a real use for that thing.  LOL.

On a more serious note, I recall JTA still owns some land near their Skyway garage off Hendricks.  Maybe they want to offer that up for a developer to partner with the School Board to build something there.
I was under the impression that something was already planned there?

At one point, Mike Balanky wanted to enter into a long term lease for some of this property and had offered it up as candidate for JEA's new headquarters.  I found an old post of mine and a news article on the Kings Road site offered - see quotes below.  It seems that same parcel might be again offered now as a candidate for the DCPS, except as JTA (Balanky again?) playing the role of developer.  Or maybe, just offering the site and leaving it to DCPS to take it from there.

Southbank ‘A little too far away’

Developer Mike Balanky, through Kings Avenue Station P3 LLC, pitched JEA to relocate to the Downtown Southbank on property he controls on Kings Avenue, next to the Kings Avenue Skyway Station and two hotels he developed.

Balanky reminded the board that his site was pad-ready, had a garage and was near a public transportation hub.

After the Tuesday meeting, Howard said JEA preferred to be within the DIA boundaries, but the Southbank property was outside.

“It was just a little too far away,” Howard said.

I am not familiar with the Kings Ave site proposal.  Is this on the parking lot across the street from the Bearded Pig?  The address listed on the Daily Record Article lists the address of the two hotels already there (1201 Kings Ave).

FYI, I have it on very good authority that this site is, indeed, the parking lot across from the Bearded Pig and next to the hotels....

.....Interesting note, too:  JTA apparently owns all of this property and leases it to Kings Avenue Redevelopment.  They, in turn, are subleasing to the hotel owner about 1/2 of the property and still control the other 1/2 being offered to JEA.  Will be interesting to see if JTA has agreed to sell, rather than lease, the property to get this deal done.

The property does appear to have some unique characteristics such as being adjacent to an already large parking garage, being along side the I-95 overland bridge giving it outstanding visibility (but, not so sure about the traffic noise factor - will require quite a bit of soundproofing) and being connected to the (underutilized) Skyway.  Main downside could be the "San Marco Train" [ ](and its horns).  Being across from the Bearded Pig might be help clinch the deal though :).
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