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Re: First Baptist Church renderings show exterior refresh
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I grew up with our family attending FBC. Back in the day, they ran a purge on members of the congregation who drank alcohol. My parents were literally kicked out of their own Sunday School class for it and were then shunned by the group leaders. Clearly, FBC wasn't interested in having the same reaction towards those who had an insatiable appetite for junk food. There are stereotypes around Southern Baptist churches for a reason and seems FBC is still determined to be a place of condemnation instead of redemption. Sad to see.

Wow. I am certainly familiar with Baptist condemnation of alcohol, but have never heard of them kicking people out of the church for doing so.

Just to make sure the record is accurate, they weren't kicked out of the church in totality. We could still attend the main service. They attended Sunday School classes before the main service with other folks in their age group and that's where they were kicked out and shunned. Regardless, frigin weird.