Author Topic: Railroad to JIA Ever Coming?  (Read 4749 times)


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Re: Railroad to JIA Ever Coming?
« Reply #30 on: September 26, 2021, 10:59:45 PM »
Not surprised. I never saw that rail line as being viable even when the study was being done. It didn't seem like the rail carriers were really interested in it.

The issue isn't just viability today but in the future.  If the R-O-W isn't set aside now there is no possibility for the future.  That is my main point.  Assuming it's inevitable that future demand may justify this, whether for port/JIA freight connections and/or for commuters/airport passenger shuttling, funding at that time could possibly be spread between users, government and the railroads making it more feasible financially to get done.  Again, that rings hollow if we don't set aside the R-O-W today.

Reminds me of the building of the Dames Point Bridge.  Critics said it was too low.  But we built it at the present height to meet then current standards not caring to plan for a future everyone knew would come for much taller ships.  And, now, we are stuck.