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Re: Jacksonville Mayoral Election 2023
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I spoke with him last year about his run and he said he asked Donna Deegan whether she'd be entering the race and she said no.  She offered her support for him and I think that's a big reason why he felt he could compete with big money Davis.  Not sure what changed with her since then, but I think that's a big reason why he dropped out.  I'm guessing he'll endorse her.

Since he referenced fundraising as more effort than he bargained for, I am going to guess, with so many R's running, it was too competitive for R monies and, being a R (albeit a moderate one) he was unlikely to get enough from the D's to put him where he needed to get. 

Deegan, being the only D may be able to consolidate all the D dollars plus draw from the moderate R's Carlucci could raise dollars from, creating a bigger war chest than he could raise.  Likewise, Deegan may be able to increase the turnout of the D's, add moderate R's and leverage her #1 name recognition to give Davis a real horserace.  Carlucci would have likely split the R's votes with Davis, Cumber, Ferarro, etc. and not been able to get the full D turnout for him, especially with Deegan in the race.  Keep in mind, D's are the majority of the Duval electorate, they just need great turnout to take charge.  Deegan may be able to do that for the D's better than Carlucci.

So, in the end, it looks to me like a numbers game.  Carlucci has witnessed enough mayoral races to see that having more than one moderate candidate run just results in a wild card from the sidelines winning it all.  Carlucci sacrificed his own aspirations for the greater good of the community because if he and Deegan both ran, it would have played into the hands of Davis.  Given that many view Davis as Curry 2.0, that would not move the City away from the Good Ol' Boy control that Carlucci, Deegan and others would like to snuff out, once and for all.

I wonder what Carlucci will do with the dollars he already raised.  Probably more than he needs for a second term on the Council.  Will he move a chunk over to Deegan?  That is likely what many of his donors may want him to do at this point.  It would also give Deegan a good fundraising boost.

P.S.  I haven't found any voters happy with Curry's kiss-ass treatment of Khan.  People (including diehard Jags fans) seem to be enraged with the giveaways to Khan.  If Khan bankrolls Davis, it could actually result in a big offset for him - i.e. amount to a negative endorsement that cost him votes.  Will be interesting to watch and his opponents should exploit this if this actually occurs.

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Re: Jacksonville Mayoral Election 2023
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The good news for me is... I  get to sit this one out as no longer attracted to any of them... a big giant MEH to the rest of em...
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Re: Jacksonville Mayoral Election 2023
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If it wasn’t for a Joe Carlucci a Matt Carlucci would not have much traction now.
I have vowed to no longer vote for Serial Family Politicians.
Even if a Public Boat Ramp is named in honor of a Carlucci.
Ha!..... let’s name a section of the First Coast Outer Beltway in honor of Senator Carlucci.
Somewhat long ago...... Redistrict revision process...... ends up Senator Carlucci, long established politically easterly St Johns River..... was faced with having his District revised to include Clay County.
At some point during the revision process, with the prospect of Clay, he stayed, as reported FTU...... “ Over my dead body!”.
Well..... turns out Clay would be Joe’s new political  playground, and support for the Brannon/ Chaffee Leg was a given.
How Carlucci’s Political Mantra was : “ Tell It Like It Is”