Author Topic: VyStar files plans for breezeway between its Downtown buildings, parking garage  (Read 1147 times)


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Peter Griffin

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Even without renderings, that sounds like a cool idea. I wonder if it'll have some sort of retail/coffee/deli/etc. component, or just be an employee area? Regardless, I think VyStar is really doing some cool things downtown.

Captain Zissou

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They are doing great things and that block is going to be a great addition to the area, but all of this makes me think about all of the companies who chose the southside or farther away to build their campus.  If Chase, Citi, BCBS, Deutsche Bank, Merrill, McKesson, Adecco, Fidelity,, Availity.......etc were within a mile of downtown, we'd have a completely different city.

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Check out the new look for the Vystar branch downtown: