Author Topic: Watching Jake Godbold's Celebration of Life  (Read 186 times)


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Watching Jake Godbold's Celebration of Life
« on: February 20, 2020, 10:53:54 AM »
People never cease to amaze me...hopefully others noticed this too, and you can catch the "receipts" as soon as Tom Wills begins speaking at the beginning of the service if they show this again later.  There is a member of the combined choirs,  a man on the very back row, with braids, located behind the dais and at the speakers' right shoulder.  (Follow the guy with the purple hair - the man behind his right shoulder).  This man I am speaking of showed utter disrespect for the speakers until someone managed to momentarily turn off the spotlight that illuminated him.  This man was repeatedly sticking out his tongue, wagging his head, mocking the speakers (not just Tom Wills), and a couple of times unzipped his jacket to show us his bare chest.  (?)  We could also see this man engaged in checking his cell phone until the person to his right took it out of his hands.  This man's actions show disrespect not only to the speakers but to the MAN they are eulogizing, Jake Godbold.  I suppose this man thinks he looks cool, but he looks like a total fool.  People do not know how to act.  They do not have manners.  They don't know what "Respect" is.  I will continue trying to watch the service, but it's distracting to see this idiot and wonder what else he's going to do while he's on camera.