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Greenville!? What happened to Charleston?
The good news, in our limited exposure, we think Greenville is great, appears to be much better now, and am blown away at the current construction.The bad news is that it may be Greenville or bust as we are not sure if we could ever consider a smaller town. But we are completely flexible on time so once the virus is hopefully behind us, we will be making quire a free trips to the area and will hit some of the smaller towns since we know nothing about them.

Spent a good amount of time in So. Carolina.  Big changes from the backward state of my childhood.  Charleston, Greenville and Columbia are all on a roll.  Any one of them offers great living possibilities.  If you are going inland, you might check out Columbia just to have a comparison to benchmark Greenville by.  Columbia also offers a state capital, Congaree Natiional Park, an amazing zoo and gardens and the Univ. of So. Carolina.  Greenville is closer to the mountains, Asheville and Clemson.  If you want to look at a smaller town near Greenville, check out Anderson (It even has a nice historic downtown main street along the lines of a Fernandina but maybe a little less sophisticated/more laid back).  If Charleston is still in the mix, check out Beaufort, another historic town from the 1700's (and location of the Big Chill and much of Forest Gump movies).