Author Topic: Folio: The Big Boom Jacksonville chooses scorched earth over redevelopmen  (Read 1115 times)


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Minder, there's a ton of kool aid drinking in your "potential" post. We've been talking and looking at Shipyards renderings for damn near 20 years now.  There is no convention center and I'm pretty sure the ultimate plan is to move the fairgrounds to move too. Even Khan has been parading around renderings of stuff that will never be built in this generation for nearly five years now. A convention center happening at the Shipyards in the next five years is just as likely as Curry inviting Sleiman over for Sunday dinner. The rest of the entertainment venues have been there for a while now and there's still been no infill. Even Kids Kampus was a great waterfront public space and we screwed it up to the point where it didn't last 10 years before blowing it up for a dirt lot....that's now been a dirt lot for nearly 10 years. At some point reality needs to set. When that does, we can finally move forward with realistic redevelopment.

And moving EVERYTHING to the sports district WILL NOT improve the DT core. It's great for the suburbanites who think they've visited downtown but to everyone else not so much. With all the new residential and hotel proposed it seems odd to move everything out of reach. None of this makes sense to me.