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Authors Should Understand the Value of Their Brands
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Authors Should Understand the Value of Their Brands
by William Jackson My Quest to Teach
and Regina Edwards, Authors Roundtable

The Jacksonville Public Library’s “Authors Roundtable” meets monthly at the Highlands Branch
of the Jacksonville Public Library. William Jackson of My Quest to Teach presented the use of
Social Media platforms and tools to help Authors develop, expand and market their Brands.

The topics discussed were: 1.) Learning the value of Branding.
2.) Effective implementation of Blogging and Microblogging using the platforms of
Twitter and WordPress (open source web development)
3.) Building digital communities: PLC Professional Learning Community,
PLN Professional Learning Network, PLF Professional Learning Family and
PLR Professional Learning Resource.

Mr. Jackson in collaboration with Mrs. Regina Edwards, Co-Facilitator provided
authors a platform to ask questions, gain insight in how to use Social Media
to promote and enhance the digital presence of their books.
The use of Hash Tags, Googling themselves and authentic storytelling help
build readers and followers to their content. The interactive presentation helped
answer questions, allowed authors to share experiences.

Tagging and Googling have become very effective tools to draw hundreds or
thousands to build authors as Thought Leaders and Digital Content Innovators.
Building one’s levels in Google searches requires a well-planned strategy to align
with Google search parameters and allow people to see the brand Authors are creating.

Further, be engaged in the Niche where like-minded people share similar interests and passions.
The understanding that Books - even those that are well written DO NOT SALE 
themselves. In today's digital world, websites and social media marketing are IMPERATIVE. 

Authors should know the answers to these important questions;
What is your Brand?, What is your Niche?, What ways are effective to Market your books.

That begins the level of promotion and marketing properly to the community nationally and
potentially internationally. Mr. Jackson shared, never be afraid to share your story. You are
the expert in your field of writing and content creation, so promote yourself as a Thought
Leader. Always have business cards ready and an “elevator pitch.” Think about where you
are trying to move as a business, author, engager, influencer, digital innovator. Learn the
language to help you navigate the world of digital engagement.

William Jackson demonstrating an elevator pitch at the Impact Biz Jax business
competition and networking event.

William Jackson's Pitch My Quest To Teach
For additional information about future Authors Roundtable meetings contact: