Author Topic: Teaching My Students How To Fly In PE  (Read 359 times)


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Teaching My Students How To Fly In PE
« on: May 13, 2018, 02:45:35 AM »

Being a PE teacher offers wonderful opportunities to education a child's mind
about their bodies and the capabilities that they have. The capabilities are
unlimited to grow with a growth mindset and eagerness to explore, discover,
express joy and even understand and overcome fears.
Physical Education is a opportunity to get kids to apply their skills and
abilities beyond their self imposed physical and mental limitations.

"Teaching My Students How To Fly In PE"
means using opportunities beyond traditional
teaching methods to have my student to have fun,
learn, explore and discover on a personal level the
joy of physical activities.

"Teaching My Students How To Fly In PE"

A good Physical Education program can enhance the
learning culture of a school. A Physical Education program
that has passion can influence assessment scores,
decrease bullying, increase students self-esteem and even
raise parental participation.

Support Physical Education, Arts, Music, Library Services
and other school resources. Each child learns differently
and needs the support of diverse learning opportunities
and engagement.
Wm Jackson, M.Edu.
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