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« on: February 18, 2018, 09:11:14 AM »
Hello Everyone,

I've enjoyed the site (and Modern Cities) for several years.   The development section is the single best source of that type of information I've found and I look forward to the updates.  I frequently read the comments to those posts in an attempt to understand why it seems like Orlando and Tampa are leaving us in the dust.

I finally decided to register so I can join the conversation.    With the recent unfortunate changes to TU and the fact that so many of the TV news sites don't allow comments, Metro Jacksonville has become a more valuable resource for understanding how some of my fellow citizens think about various topics. I'm not under any illusion that I'm seeing a truly representative sample of opinions, however.   

I've lived on the First Coast (does anyone even say that any more?) for 40 years.   I've lived in one of the historic neighborhoods since 2000 - mostly Riverside/Avondale but some time in San Marco. 


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Re: Howdy
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Welcome aboard!
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Re: Howdy
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More discussion is always helpful! Welcome to the club!


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Re: Howdy
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Welcome Board II


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Re: Howdy
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Welcome  8)
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Re: Howdy
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Hi-Lo! And welcome, Avondaler!