Author Topic: Retail garage project proposed for downtown  (Read 10303 times)


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Re: Retail garage project proposed for downtown
« Reply #90 on: May 25, 2018, 12:09:10 PM »
I've said it for years but I believe the city really needs some type of program where it aggressively works to revamp the street level of existing buildings and office towers. Many of our "dead" spaces at street level do have some sort of active use....they just aren't integrated with the sidewalk and street. Baptist literally has a Morrison's cafeteria style restaurant on Laura open every day but you can't tell from the street because its a brick wall with glass block. One would think of it as a warehouse moreso than a place where anyone can buy and eat lunch. All the new stuff on the edges of downtown is great (and needed) but if we don't get the Northbank right, Downtown's overall image will remain a sleepy one. If we can flip some of the interior activity of these spaces to the sidewalks, the Northbank would have more pedestrian traffic, creating opportunity for adjacent vacant spaces and the visibility of active sidewalks would naturally change the entire core's energy and image.

Can someone e-mail Lori Boyer?  In addition to "activate our waterfront," can she proceed with "activate our streetscape" for downtown?  I think this is why I'd love to see a seat on Council strictly for Downtown, just on principal, even if the population doesn't justify it.  It's significance is out of proportion with its population, and it should get its own representative.

First of all, WTF on the Baptist cafeteria? Just Googled it. I walk that way multiple times a week, and literally had no idea this was a thing.

Secondly, do you know of any examples of cities who have successfully carried out a project like this?

Third, just want to point out that seeing so much genuine dead space in downtown Jacksonville gives me new respect for what Mike was able to accomplish with the food truck court. Great example of turning a dead block into a lively, active asset.


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Re: Retail garage project proposed for downtown
« Reply #91 on: May 25, 2018, 12:30:44 PM »
^Downtown Orlando has done a good job exposing hidden retail in its office buildings. Not all of it has been remodeling, some of it is just better signage. Unfortunately, the Jax sign ordinance, which has been positive in other neighborhoods, hinders doing that in Downtown Jax.
Yes, it doesn't have to be extensive facade modifications. In certain situations it could be as simple as adding better signage, awings, outdoor seating or in Baptist's case....replacing glass block with transparent storefront window openings.
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Re: Retail garage project proposed for downtown
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Jax actually has two identities; it is in Florida and is a Florida City, and it also has a southern/Midwestern feel, don't know the reason for that, but that's what I see. In the above photo, and I think those are oak trees, how about a palm, an oak, a palm, etc.? The florida feel with the palms, and the southern/Midwestern feel with the oaks, give em both! Just saying.

This comment reminds me of one of my favorite "trivia" questions: What is the second largest city in GA?

Jacksonville - We are more of a southern city than a Florida city.