Author Topic: Kanine Social: a dog day care in where owners can enjoy a craft bee  (Read 480 times)


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Canine and human socializing is on tap in Riverside.

Pending design and permitting approvals, Kanine Social intends to open at 580 College St. to offer dog day care, playtime and craft beers and coffee for their owners.

“Why not have an establishment where we can watch football, bring our dogs, hang out with our friends and enjoy a beer or coffee?” asks Dustin Fries, a partner in Kanine Social.

Its tagline is “Come. Sit. Stay.”

The 3M RE Holdings LLC group bought the almost 16,000-square-foot building from N&N Cabinets Inc. on Nov. 15. The structure was built at College and Rosselle streets in 1955.
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