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Re: JAX/JIA updates
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Now I know for junior employees of companies it's common practice not to approve reimbursement of business class travel for flights under 2 or 3 hours, which would eliminate many of the 20-something's from being able to fly business on a JIA-ATL connection.  That being said, anyone who flies Delta regularly and books that connection in coach would routinely if not pretty much all the time get bumped up anyway, speaking from personal experience.


On planes themselves, with 767s pretty long gone and thankfully 757s now too, my favorite plane to fly is an up updated 737 extended or even a new 737 extended, I can't tell the difference, followed closely by A320 equivalent.

Good to hear you back. I'm with you on most of your post except these two:

 - If you get regularly upgraded on JAX-ATL, you must have some discriminating photos of someone high up on Delta. I'm a Platinum this year and was a Diamond in 2017, and even as a Diamond, my upgrade percentage was WELL short of 50%. In many cases, I was #1/2/3/4 on the list for 0 or 1 seat. I was even double digits on the list as a Diamond once. I also have a few Delta 360 friends and they give their upgrade percentages of ~ 50%.

 - I personally disagree on the Delta 757's. They've lost their luster for me since the retrofit, but I'd still consider them the best single aisle plane Delta has, particularly up front, and the best non-lie flat plane in their Fleet.

I haven’t been elite (I’m on American) on Delta since 2016 but my upgrade percentage from Jax to ATLANTA was over 50%. I have about the same upgrade percentage on American now whether I’m flying to Miami or Charlotte.

In my experience, and using the anecdotal experience of clients who fly on a daily basis, it´s exceptionally easy to get upgraded on the way to the hub - those 45 min jumper flights, given the lack of people with status in a place like JAX. That said - what´s your upgrade percentage flying not TO the hub, but ex-hub? Try getting upgraded flying ATL to Tokyo, or hell, MIA to NYC. Slim to none...fat chance at best.

In other news, I still hate the living daylight out of Delta  ;D

Excluding JAX-ATL or the inverse, my upgrade percentage was about 85% overall in 2017 as a Diamond, and that included transcons. This year as a Platinum it’s about 50/50.