Author Topic: Jacksonville City Council President calls for Confederate memorials to be moved  (Read 5857 times)


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It's time to quit shitting on people and pointing fingers, trying to make them feel guilty about something or another. None of us should be guilty about our individual or group history. This is demonstrably the greatest nation on earth and we're justifiably proud of all its history -- all of it -- because we understand the ebb and flow of life; we know the word slave is a derivation of SLAV and it reminds us that all people have been enslaved at one historic time or another; we know that black people enslaved other black people, white people enslaved other white people, etc.

The more i re-read this, the angrier I get.  It is certainly NOT time to quit shitting on racists, white nationalists, and their ilk.  I GODDAMN WILL point my finger and make them feel guilty if they support this shit-- our country fought constantly against this.  Now that a bunch of pearl-clutching whities are scared of getting knock-out-ganged by sagging-pants youths, this is suddenly making a comeback. 

Moreover, ARE YOU JOKING? Demonstrably the greatest nation? 1) NO. 2) How does one even quantify that? The number of native americans we killed to take this country over? The number of slaves whose backs this country was built on? The number of children we have drone-bombed so some dipshit president (whether Obama or Trump) can sound and look tough? The number of people we have incarcerated? The number of failing schools bordering extremely rich enclaves?   

In short, GTFO with this pollyana crap.  We have a disgusting, awful history (like, i don't know, every other major nation in the world?). And crap like your comment is only making it worse.


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Interesting, but I was referring to the monuments in question. Seems they predate the civil rights movement by quite a few years.
Regardless, based on the data above many schools were named during the civil rights era, seems logical for this to occur as a response to desegregation. However, the same logic does not apply to the construction of our monuments in Jacksonville. I would imagine a good many confederate vets were dying off during the 1900s - 1910s.
Somewhere in this thread, or the other one, was a great break down of the times and reasons for some of the more prominent statues here.  You may have to scroll around or check a couple of other threads but the information you seek was provided.

It is here (written by yours truly):

Not all of the Jacksonville monuments were created as a response to Civil Rights. The Hemming Park monument was built in 1898, after Reconstruction ended. It is also dedicated to the soldiers and doesn't say anything about the Confederacy or its cause. It's not much different than the Union Monument in Evergreen Cemetery, but it is notably much bigger and more prominent.

The renaming of Confederate Park in 1914 and the creation of the Tribute to the Women of the Southern Confederacy in 1915 were during the "Nadir of American race relations", when the city and state were cracking down on black voting and the Republican party. Those two definitely were intended to send a message.

The first two Confederate school names, Kirby Smith in 1923 and Robert E. Lee in 1928, probably weren't seen as problematic at the time. But the 5 named between 1959 and 1968 - ie, between Brown vs. the Board of Education in 1955 and full desegregation in 1971, were definitely a swipe at the civil rights movement.
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The south wants monuments to give them a sense of accomplishment during a war they actually lost.

Quite possibly the largest distribution of participation trophies in world history.