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Re: Cybermining for cryptocurrency
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^Not to mention ram prices and the fact that SSD prices haven't dropped significantly in years... I think PC gaming is dying a slow death before our eyes. It costs over $1,000 to build a PC with equivalent power to an Xbox one x. And what you get for your money is a system that often gets games later or not at all, often requires graphics driver updates to run new games, and almost invariably doesn't have HDR support.

This is not true, PC Gaming has experienced a Renaissance recently as gamers have realized that the price to pixel performance shen comparing a console to a PC is not even close.

Your statement on the Xbox One X is just false. The specs on paper look great but you have to look beyond the paper specs.

1)  The CPU cores of the One X Jaguar cores at 2.3 GHz (8 cores) is equivalent to a 1/3 the performance of the standard AMD Ryzen consumer chipset or if you are an Intel fan this processor set in the One X is equivalent to a 2 year old Intel Core I3 processor.

2) The way the GPU is set up is equivalent to a Overclocked Nvidia GTX 1060 with a bit more memory for 4K bandwidth purposes. Sounds great but many AAA titles for consoles are not developed with pure 4K in mind.

3) Spec wise that GPU set up with higher bandwidth and more GDDR5 memory looks great but bottlenecks are created since that extra oompf would get eaten up by games that do a lot of math. The GPU on the One X comes with 12 GB of GDDR5, only 9 will be available to game developers, the other 3 ends up being shared with the CPU to perform complex computations.. Think games like Destiny 2 or the Division that have RPG elements requiring client server calculations for damage, defense, healing.. etc, etc. Because of this many of the most popular RPG's and Online COOP 's will only run at 30 FPS at 4K on a console. This bottle neck is what is driving gamers back into the PC market.. if you subtract the trends of RAM and GPU's being artificially inflated by crypto miners then you could build a heck of a lot more versatile desktop PC for 1000 compared to a one trick pony Xbox One X. 

PC game sales are definitely down, and have been behind consoles and now mobile for years. It'll probably continue to lose market share as more people shift to laptops, tablets, and computer replacers, and as Steam continues to grow on consoles and mobile. Though PC gaming as a whole won't ever go away as long as there are people out there who prefer it.
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