Author Topic: The pending rebirth of Jax's Barnett Bank Building  (Read 20621 times)


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Re: The pending rebirth of Jax's Barnett Bank Building
« Reply #90 on: February 26, 2020, 02:52:49 PM »
The old Shelby's space has backdoor (fire) access to the street, as well as ADA compliant bathrooms, but no hood nor greasetrap.

That's not the case for the other space (which has never had a tenant).

In order for both spaces to be able to offer hours independent of the library hours, the front doors would need to be modified, bathrooms would need to be installed in the second space, and the second space would need a fire exit.

Also, any lease and physical modifications to those retail spaces has to also go through several layers of red tape (library board, DIA and then all the standard Planning/Building Inspecitions/Fire Marshal)... including the most bureaucratic step- City Council hearings and (hopefully) approval.

Which is why the management of the retail spaces should be turned over to a private business with incentives based on tenant hours. The contract with the property management company would be subject to all the bullcrap. Individual tenant leases then would not.