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Downtown Frankenstein: The Beginning
« on: October 02, 2006, 12:00:00 AM »
Downtown Frankenstein: The Beginning

To understand Jacksonville, (at least as far as its early development goes) it is impossible to underplay the importance of business, merchants, and commercial interests in the fabric of its history.  Of course you can say this about any city, but Jacksonville is a particularly keen example of the principle of  natures first green being Gold.  After all, consider the fact that it is the largest city of a State which has been host to more than a few Pirate Governers----The State of Florida.  Piracy and bootlegging was the foundation of the state economy and, while not polite, it would be hard to argue that anything has really altogether changed.

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Had no idea that so much of Jax before the turn of the century was supported with "illegal" money.

Excellent work.  I'll be waiting impatiently for the next excerpt!


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Great story
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Keep them coming...


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make that editorial piece
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sorry, I didn't mean story as in a fictional sense, that was a poor choice for words as my fingers fly across this keyboard. :p

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Re: Downtown Frankenstein: The Beginning
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one thing that is mentioned at the end of this article is the attempted dynamiting of the Acosta bridge when it was being built. Anyone have any more history on this? It sounds like a really fascinating tale, but doing a search of the archives didn't bring up anything that I could see.