Author Topic: A Ride Through JCPenney's Penney Farms  (Read 10331 times)

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A Ride Through JCPenney's Penney Farms
« on: September 26, 2014, 03:00:02 AM »
A Ride Through JCPenney's Penney Farms

In 1926, James Cash Penney (founder of JCPenney), came to Northeast Florida and created his own utopian village. Penney Farms, was an experimental town intended to be a "scientifically-managed agricultural community”. The Great Depression ended the experiment but Penny Farms lives on today.

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Re: A Ride Through JCPenney's Penney Farms
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I've driven by the place many, many times in my life. Never once pulled in for a look-see. Very interesting, Ennis. I believe Steve Spurrier's father, a retired Presbyterian minister, lived there until his death in 2000.


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Re: A Ride Through JCPenney's Penney Farms
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Penny Farms once had a railroad, the town was originally called Long Branch, but it failed. The railroad ran from the north edge of Green Cove Springs where Governors Creek meets the St. Johns, to the town and featured a 'galloping goose' (aka: rail bus). A large mill operated by Darby and Savage was built at the confluence of the two waterways. When Penny stepped in the mill was shut down and sold, the farm project was already dead and most of the settlers had abandoned the settlement leaving a ghost town. Penny purchased not only the mill but all of the forest land and rather 'accidentally' got Long Branch and its failed farms in the deal. At first he didn't know what to do with them, but knowing the plight of some returned missionaries he offered them a cabin with profuse apologies because of its run down condition. The pastors family was so happy that the idea was born. 


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Re: A Ride Through JCPenney's Penney Farms
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James Cash Penney put his money where his faith was. You have to respect a man like that.

I am assuming the statute is of Penney, but you didn't give an explanation on the pictures.
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Re: A Ride Through JCPenney's Penney Farms
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Semi Fast Forward----

Very,very nearby:Perfect location for First Coast Beltway,and perhaps one the last Big Outlying Regional Mall location.
Bear Crossing included.Original Beltway path,aspirations,"visioning" slightly modified.

Reinhold Corp,and an individual once profiled by Florida Trend as "one to watch"-transformation of Penney Farm Corridor.

Penney Farms Future Land Use Map(s),Sector Plan et al have been interesting to monitor,engage in since at least 1973.Blanding Blvd./SR 21 "Alternative" wonderfully erroneous.....and effective.Some day,the SR 21 Narrative might be a Penney Farms Study acknowledgement.
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