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Elements of Urbansim: Savannah
« on: October 01, 2007, 04:00:00 AM »
Elements of Urbansim: Savannah

Savannah is what happens when you mix the often overlooked elements of urbansim together.  This community is living proof that sometime quality is better than quantity.

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Re: Elements of Urbansim: Savannah
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AAHHHH!!  Finally, my favorite city is posted up here for critique.  I LOVE Savannah.  If there were one place I could live out the rest of my days it would be this beautiful and wondrous city.  As an Urban Core it does lack some things, like more convenient public transportation and less stringent HP regulations.  But on the whole it is a  city growing everyday but still maintaining it's Southern Charm.  Downtown could take a lesson or two from the bustling streets of River Street and City Market and Broughton Street (all central shopping districts for those not in the know).  I am a little disappointed that there are no photos of the New Telfair Museum on Oglethorpe.  A huge testament to Modern Architecture and its successful mingling with the 100+ year old historic structures that surround it.  I highly suggest it as a city to visit for anyone looking for a wonderful day trip.


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Re: Elements of Urbansim: Savannah
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2007, 10:15:34 AM »
Speaking of transportation, Savannah will soon have a streetcar system.  The city recently purchased the old River Street line from Norfolk Southern and will soon run a demonstration heritage trolley system on it.  Eventually, it will become a part of a 4 mile streetcar network connecting various areas of the historic district together.

Streetcars last plied the streets of this famous Southern port city in 1946. A plan is now unfolding that will bring the streetcar back as an urban circulator and tourist attraction. Following a lengthy negotiation, the City purchased a lightly used 4.3 mile railroad branch line paralleling the Savannah River near Downtown. Much of the line runs in-street on River Street along the Savannah River, including a section of trackage in cobblestone pavement passing directly through a bustling entertainment district. An initial demonstrator line is planned to begin operation along this segment in 2007 using an Australian W-5 streetcar that the City acquired in 2000.

The Savannah streetcar concept has been brewing for some time. In 2003, the local public transportation provider, Chatham Area Transit (CAT), proposed restoration of streetcar service on a four-mile line along River Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Goals for the proposed system included aiding visitor mobility within the downtown and riverfront areas, reducing congestion in the city's historic district, and helping foster local economic development.   

A feasibility study was conducted by Team Inc. and Stone Consulting & Design, including an examination of several different route options. All of the proposed routes incorporated the trackage along River St. With the sale of the trackage to the City, plans once again began moving ahead, and it is hoped to begin demonstration service on River St. in 2007.

The River Street line.

The restored Australian W-5 streetcar
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Re: Elements of Urbansim: Savannah
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2007, 12:17:57 PM »
I would say the train is leaving and we are standing at the station. But that isn't true. We haven't even left our house in the suburbs to drive to the station.


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Re: Elements of Urbansim: Savannah
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2007, 05:10:00 PM »
Sooner or later Savannah is going to come up with a couple of "original" Savannah streetcars... sad fact is, I'll give you odd's that they originated here. Many of the best of the Jacksonville cars of 1936 ended up in Savannah for another 10 years. Also don't be shocked if the wonderful restoration cars in Australia that have been quoted to our port, end up in Savannah, too. This would be a true loss to us as the cars I'm speaking of, unlike the "ugly duckling" Savannah already has, are BEAUTIFUL. They are classic wooden American cars that sometime after WWII the Ausies pulled into the shop and carefully replicated in STEEL! Thus they have the original "FACE" of the American streetcars. $450,000 each, custom rebuilt to order, and delivered to JAXPORT.

Ugly Duckling Australian Cars, a face only a Georgian could love?

Bendigo Tramways Cars, available to us... Real American Birney Car looks here, only better!

Go Savannah! Look in the mirror, because we may be catching up... Hey! It could happen!

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