Distillery Opening In Brooklyn Neighborhood

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Jacksonville whiskey distillery to open in Brooklyn.

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Burlock and Barrel Distillery will be setting up shop within a high-profile warehouse complex in Jacksonville's burgeoning Brooklyn neighborhood, and plans to open Jacksonville's first whiskey distillery in 2017.

Colin Edwards and Ian Haensley started Burlock & Barrel in 2013 with a belief that great whiskey can be made outside the Scottish highlands or the mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee. In 2014, they brought their idea to the One Spark festival, and eventually landed an equity partnership with Jacques Klempf and Fraser Burns and their fledging business the Forking Amazing Restaurant Group. Originally slated to open in Riverside, the team will instead house operations at the old Dealers Equipment warehouse located at 417 Magnolia Street and 476 May Street.

The distillery will be housed in a complex comprised of two masonry vernacular buildings. 476 May Street is a 3,818 square foot built in 1925 and 417 Magnolia Street is a 3,346 square foot building built in 1939. The buildings were purchased for $300,000 and $285,000 respectively in 2015 by Jacques Klempf under the company name Foodonics Equities.

Klempf recently sold Jacksonville-based Dixie Egg Co to Cal-Maine Foods Inc out of Jackson, MS. Dixie Egg Co is a large producer and distributor of shell eggs, known by many under the Egg-Land’s Best namesake and sold at retail stores across the country. Jacques' grandfather Jacob started the company in 1948. Klempf spun off two entities under the name Foodonics Equities, which primarily holds commercial real estate properties associated with his newest venture, the Forking Amazing Restaurant Group. Foodonics Equities also purchased the parking lot adjacent to the future Burlock and Barrel Distillery at a price of $155,000 in February of 2016.

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Article by Mike Field