Developer proposes 13-story Southbank apartment tower

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In October 2016, the Ventures Development Group announced plans to build a 250-unit apartment tower on the Southbank. Now armed with a larger project, the development group is prepared to go before the Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) in order to gain conceptual design approval for 300-units. If successful, this project could become the first Southbank high-rise built since 2008. Here's a look at their January 2017 DDRB Application Package to get a better idea of what this project could look like. Let us know what you think!




DDRB Application 2016-015 is before the DDRB seeking conceptual approval of a "Master Development Plan" for a 300-unit multi-family project.  The site is located in the Southbank, adjacent to what’s commonly referred to as the “Aetna building”,and is currently developed as surface parking.  The proposed development is located on a portion of the site that was previously approved in 2005 for multi-family development and did not proceed with construction. The applicant submitted a request for Conceptual Approval at the October 20, 2016 meeting,at which time the DDRB opted to defer Conceptual Approval, and requested a workshop.  The applicant presented various options of the project to the DDRB in a workshop format on November 17, 2016.

The project is developed on a narrow parcel of land parallel to the rail tracks from Prudential Drive for access, to a larger area with frontage on the St. Johns River and adjacent Riverwalk. The applicant proposes a 13-story multi-family building with an overall building height of approximately 180 feet. As noted, the site is adjacent to the existing Riverwalk and the proposed development includes a potential Dock/water Taxi Station.


Site Area:      
2.9 Acres

300 multifamily apartments with incidentals (e.g. lease office, surface and structured parking) and amenities (e.g. fitness center, club room)

Structured: 300 Spaces
Surface: 59 Spaces
Total Parking: 359 Spaces
Riverwalk Parking: 10 Spaces
Project Parking: 349 Spaces

Recreation / Open Space:
Required: 45,000 square feet
Provided: 53,000 square feet










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Source: Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) January 2017 agenda packet