Best locally owned ice cream shops in Jacksonville

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If you’re anything like me when dinner is over, you’re instantly thinking, “What’s for dessert?” My favorite answer to that question is ice cream. Or at least some derivative of ice cream like frozen yogurt or custard or maybe Italian ice or fancy popsicles.

Here are our picks for the four best locally owned ice cream spots in Jax.

Ice Cream from the Dreamette. Image by Jim Alabiso


This is the ultimate old school Jacksonville ice cream spot. The Dreamette has been around since before most of us were even born; open 60+ years.

The Dreamette keeps it simple by offering only two flavors; vanilla, chocolate, or swirl soft serve.  They get creative; however, with their dips. They have a range of flavors from the classic chocolate dip to crazier options like cotton candy and toasted coconut. You can find locations in Murray Hill, Mandarin, Neptune Beach, Callahan, and Macclenny. Check out their cones, shakes, sundaes and more.

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