Arash Kamiar w/Pastor J Harris; Racism, Police & Church

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Jay Harris is the pator of a multi-cultural church in Jacksonville.

This interview with Jay was recorded in July 2016; around the time Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, both black men,  were both shot by police.

Since July, reports of black men killed by law enforcement have continued. Recently, Philando Castile in Memphis and Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte were shot (and killed). And, as of yesterday, another black man was shot by police in California, Alfred Okwera Olango.

The conversations in this interview, unfortunately, are timeless and the incredible poignant statements made by Jay are just as relevant now as they were a few months ago. The relevance of this interview will likely hold true for too many years into the future.

Jay speaks to the denial of many Americans of existing racial biases. He speaks to race-based police enforcement, racism in the American church and breaking barriers through blunt honesty.

Jay Harris is the pastor of Image Church in the Springfield neighborhood of Jacksonville.
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