Congaree & Penn Farm and Mills

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Congaree and Penn is nearly three years old. It Launched in 2014 as a rice farm producing 20k pounds of rice per crop and is credited for re-launching what was once a major industry in NE Florida.

The appeal of planting rice, besides the right soil conditions, is its short seed to harvest cycle.

In 16 weeks an acre of rice can produce up to 5,000lbs of rice, which translates to around $25,000 in revenues when the market's most ideal.

The rice has gained a loyal following amongst Jacksonville's famed restaurateurs wanting a rice that is more fragrant and flavorful. Congaree's small batch milling produces a rice that absorbs water easier and cooks up softer. They've also gained a sizable following through weekly markets held in the NE Florida region.

Full list for buying here.

The 200-acre farm launched by Scott Meyer and family is not beholden to rice. They have planted over 20 of their acres with upwards of 1,500 mayhaw trees, another forgotten plant of NE Florida. The mayhaw produces a berry similar to a crabapple in taste and tartness. It's not for eating off the tree, necessarily. Congaree and Penn are using it to make a shrub, used for mixing cocktails.

Local food manufacturing is another burgeoning facet of the farm. They're sourcing regionally produced fruit like blueberries, peaches, and pecans for cold pressing. All of the manufacturing is done on-site.

The farm is experimental and methodical. They're growing and manufacturing food but also holding events and experimenting with working towards making the farm an attraction. Their 2nd annual fish fry is tonight (Nov. 4, 2016) and the $65 tickets are sold out.

Scott Meyer is hiding something interesting

milling machine

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