McElwain says Vols will "Beat the Hell out of us"

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Jim McElwain understands why Tennessee is receiving so much off-season attention.

It might have been on a conference call, but you could tell Florida coach Jim McElwain had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek Wednesday morning.

McElwain was the first coach featured on the SEC coaches’ spring teleconference, and one of the questions he was asked dealt with Tennessee’s role as the SEC East favorite. The Vols haven’t won the East outright since 2004 and haven’t shared it since ’07, which is the last time they appeared in the SEC championship game.

He said that Tennessee should be the division favorite. Then then came the part where you could see – even if it was on the phone – his tongue moving into his cheek. Tennessee, he said, should “beat the hell out of us. … We’re just going to be lucky to show up.”

He also was asked about the Twitter back-and-forth between some Gators and Vols players.

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