Five New Restaurants Coming to Town Center

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Piada Italian Street Food

Another restaurant proposed for the Town Center Promenade development is Piada Italian Street Food. Piada plans to open its first Jacksonville restaurant in early 2017.

This restaurant is fairly new—its first location opening in 2010. The idea for the restaurant was inspired by founder Chris Doody’s trip to Rimini. He wanted something similar to the family-operated street carts that decorated the streets of Italy. Thus, the fast-casual atmosphere of Piada was born. Since then, they have opened over 20 restaurants in 5 different states.

Their menu features “piadas,” which are wraps that are stuffed with fresh ingredients, hand-rolled, and then baked on a stone grill. They also offer pasta bowls, chopped salads, and seasonal entrées.

For more information, you can visit their website at:

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