Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center Renderings

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The plans for downtown's latest high-structure are beginning to take shape. Assuming the Jacksonville City Council and Land Use and Zoning Committee provide their approval this month, the construction of Baptist MD Anderson's proposed 12-story cancer center could be completed by early 2018. Here's a brief look the project's proposed site and massing plans.


Total Area: 15.62 Acres

Lot Coverage: 58%
Commercial Area: 84%
Open Space: 16%
Commercial Space: Up to 705,016 square feet


Containing as much as 705,016 square feet of space, the Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center complex will stretch several blocks between Palm Avenue and the FEC Railroad's crossing with Nira Street. In addition to the medical tower, two large parking structures will be replace blocks of existing surface parking lots.


Interstate 95 can be seen in the top of this perspective sketch.  The main tower and garage will be developed adjacent to I-95 to provide patients with views of the river and the city's skyline.


A pedestrian plaza will become a central focal point at the intersection of Children's Way/Nira Street and San Marco Boulevard.


A new pedestrian bridge will be constructed over San Marco Boulevard to connect new and existing medical facilities.


An urban street edge will replace surface parking lots along San Marco Boulevard and Children's Way.

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