No More Mr. Nice Guy for Georgia

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Sometimes in life you have to be a jerk to get the job done; new Georgia head football coach Kirby Smart is embracing that philosophy. From our partners at, get the details after the jump!

The days of a kinder, gentler Georgia football coach are over.

By placing restrictions on where running back A.J. Turman can transfer, Kirby Smart put his team, his fan base and the SEC on notice: No more Mr. Nice Guy in Athens!

Whether accurate or not, the perception increasingly took hold during the final years of Mark Richt’s tenure at Georgia that he simply was “too nice” to win championships. That’s likely an oversimplification, but in a business dominated by the Nick Sabans, Urban Meyers and Jimbo Fishers — calculating, results-driven, seemingly cold-blooded autocrats — Richt’s humanity stuck out like a sore thumb.

Richt famously said “life’s too short” when asked why he never restricted where his players who chose to transfer continued their college careers. That is a mature, magnanimous, compassionate sentiment. It is not a sentiment shared by Smart.

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