How to fit a gas station into Brooklyn

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Gate Petroleum Co.’s proposed Brooklyn store will occupy a 1.87-acre site bounded by Forest Street, Park Street, Chelsea Street and Edison Avenue. According to a recent Jax Daily Record article, the company would like the Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) approve deviations concerning building setbacks, entrances, off-street parking and transparency requirements in the Downtown District Regulations of the city’s Zoning Code.

Site plan of proposed Brooklyn gas station.

Proposed Brooklyn gas station site at Forest and Park Streets.

While these deviations go against the idea of Brooklyn developing into a walkable community between downtown and Riverside, they will allow the company to construct a 6,401-square-foot convenience store and gas station with 20 fueling positions and a canopy fronting Park Street. In addition, a car wash building would face Forest Street, the new gateway into Brooklyn and downtown from I-10. The interior of the site will feature 26 parking spaces and outdoor seating for a store that includes a Yobe frozen yogurt shop. The description provided by the Jax Daily Record article suggests that the Brooklyn station could have a similar layout to the chain's new store and gas station near I-295 East Beltway and Town Center Parkway.

Considering plans are currently conceptual, now is a great time to share a few examples of gas station site layouts designed to fit within similar scaled neighborhoods. Here's quick look at five sites that suggest Brooklyn's walkability does not have to be compromised to incorporate the proposed project into the surrounding landscape.

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