Hemming Park Black Sheep Restaurant Renderings

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This Thursday's Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) Application 2016-05 comes before the DDRB seeking Conceptual Approval Review and Final Approval Review for the proposed Black Sheep “container restaurant” structure at Hemming Park. The proposed “container restaurant” is unique in its scale and nature as a re-locatable structure in Hemming Park, and as such, Black Sheep is requesting a conceptual / final DDRB Review and approval.

DDRB staff notes the application has provided sufficient information addressing the general intent of the requirements necessary for a Conceptual / Final review including elevations, site location, floor plans and graphics. The application also includes interior kitchen layout, design for window and service openings, and color samples. As noted, the proposed development is the unique re-locatable structure being used for a “new trend restaurant” facility constructed with 2 shipping containers. The containers will be located in Hemming Park, one of the more active and centrally located public parks in the Downtown Core. The park is adjacent to City Hall, the Federal Building, and the Downtown Public Library as well as the Skyway's Hemming Park station. Hemming Park is at the center of activity in and around City Hall as well as the surrounding retail and service business operations. Hemming Park is also main location for the once a month Art Walk show and many day to day festive and public structured cultural activities.

Briefly summarized, the project will be a fully operational food service facility constructed within two connected shipping containers meeting interior health and Code requirements for food service offering products to walk up clients in Hemming Park. The facility will complement existing seating, landscape, and activity areas within the Hemming Park operations.

DDRB staff supports the applicant’s request for Conceptual / Final Approval due to the unique characteristics of the proposed project referenced the completeness of information submitted, and the fact that the project is designed to be self-contained and re-locatable structure, a secondary element to the public park primary development.

If approved this week, work on the 320 square feet project could begin immediately. Here's a look at the proposed design of Black Sheep's $241,000 container restaurant and bar. Be sure to let us know what you think about this proposal!

Source: Downtown Development Review Board