Alcohol Sales Coming to the Swamp

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Select Florida Gator fans will now be able to enjoy adult beverages inside the stadium during the game for the first time.

When the news that broke Wednesday that Florida will allow the sale of alcohol at future football and basketball games, I immediately took to social media to gauge the response of my fellow game-goers.

Based on the responses I received, I was surprised to read that virtually everyone that responded felt that athletic director Jeremy Foley is about to make a big mistake.

The SEC prohibits the sale of alcohol to the general public. Former UF president Bernie Machen took a bold stance against alcohol sales in his time at Gainesville: Machen’s preference was always for UF to maintain a “dry” campus.

The conversation about whether to allow alcohol sales must have been re-opened when Kent Fuchs replaced Machen as UF president in 2015.

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