How many Jacksonvilles can fit inside Jacksonville?

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We've seen the graphics of how many unconsolidated cities can fit within Jacksonville's city limits. These visuals tend to be interesting since Jacksonville is the largest city by land area in the 48 contiguous states. However, what can easily get lost in these comparisons is that the City of Jacksonville merged with Duval County in 1968. These types of mergers tend to be the exception rather than the rule, so we figured that it would be interesting to present such graphics in a perspective.

How about how many actual "cities" of Jacksonville can fit within the city/county we call home today?

Jacksonville's current 747 square mile land area (dark green) and the city's pre-1968 30.2 square mile city limits.

Let's strip Jacksonville down for what it is, identify and compare the "actual" City of Jacksonville boundaries that are characterized by higher densities, primarily pre-World War II development, gridded streets and neighborhoods designed around a long abandoned streetcar network. For the "actual" city boundaries, we'll use the 30.2 square mile city limits prior to consolidation.

The answer to the question above is 24.7 old cities of Jacksonville can fit within the current limits of Jacksonville and Duval County. This would assume we crammed together the 14 illustrated above to free up room for 10.7 more.

Now let's make things a bit more interesting. How many actual "cities" of Jacksonville can fit within other well known cities?

We've compiled a few answers for this question as well. Here's a few visual examples!

Baltimore, MD - 80.9 square miles

2.68 old cities of Jacksonville can fit within the boundaries of Baltimore.

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