COJ Pedestrian And Bicycle Master Plan Study

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In an effort to make Jacksonville's streets a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclist, the City wants your help in the creation of a roadmap for change. Here's information on how you can assist in shaping the City of Jacksonville's new Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.

YOUR INPUT IS VALUABLE! This Wikimap is a handy way to generate input and comments as to where people want to walk and bike, where they currently walk and bike and the problems they may experience along the way.  In particular, it helps to identify those areas of danger or threat that don't appear in the crash statistics and maps as well as areas that are good for walking and biking.  Please click on the Wikimap link and provide your comments today!!

In response to Jacksonville's designation as a Focus City, the City has hired Toole Design Group to assist with the development of a Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.  Andy Clarke, former President of the League of American Bicyclists and Director of Strategy for Toole Design Group, is the Consultant Project Manager.

The plan will establish a baseline of existing conditions, identify needs, establish a recommended network, and help to prioritize strategies that will increase the number and frequency of people walking and bicycling while improving safety within the City of Jacksonville.  The City of Jacksonville expects that the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan will:

1. Identify vision, goals, and objectives which complement the City’s 2030 Mobility Plan

2. Outline existing conditions, needs, and deficiencies

3. Identify a network of connectivity for walking and a network of connectivity for biking

4. Establish project prioritization methodology

5. Identify near and long term implementation strategy

6. Outline key recommendations

7. Identify policies and programs that educate and encourage safe pedestrian and bicycle activities
Two products of this study will be a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan and a Bicycle Level of Service Assessment.
The study area limits will include Mobility Zones 7, 8, 9 and 10 (see map below).

Source: City of Jacksonville