Becoming a diamond instead of staying a coal: Asheville

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Rob Middleton and several of Metro Jacksonville's followers may be bitter about Jacksonville's potential but the residents in this small southern city aren't bitter about their community. Instead of choosing to stay a coal, Asheville has selected to become a diamond. Here's a look at the heart of Western North Carolina's crown jewel. What will it take for Jacksonville to follow suit and finally take advantage of everything sitting at the edge of its fingertips?

In the downtown of this city, there's no convention center or hotel the size of the Hyatt. There's also no marketplace like the Jacksonville Landing or its tallest building is 20 feet shorter than Berkman Plaza. If you're looking for a riverwalk, good luck because there's no river in this city's downtown either. Before one brings up the pull of beaches and suburban malls, this city has its fair share of strip centers and the mountains happen to be a decent draw themselves. Nevertheless, against the odds, the residents and City of Asheville have successfully created one of the most surprising urban zones of multicultural activity that you'll find in a city its size. It serves as a good example of what the streets of downtown Jacksonville's Northbank can look like, once we untap the city's potential. Here's a look at downtown Asheville.






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