The Political Ironist: The Vanishing Ephemeral Truth

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Until the presidential election of 2016, truth was often collateral damage. Now, it is the enemy.

Among the arsenal in this “take no prisoner” war are fake news sites, misrepresentations, lies, and uncorroborated reporting. Actually,  any deception that can swing someone’s opinion is fair game. Because in this brave new world the end game is power; truth and a sense of decorum are twin weaklings to be trampled on the way to a more ideological political state.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign spokesperson said as well as demonstrated countless times in her interviews that the facts are not important, it is perception that’s important and to that extent denying facts are a means to end, winning.

Two weeks after the election, she has been proven correct. Trump has backed off his stentorian statements of jailing Hillary; he now says it may be a fence instead of a wall.

So this is where we end up, in a house of mirrors reflecting an altered state of realty according to Mr. Trump’s world view where millions of illegal immigrants voted in California and thousands of Muslims cheered from the shore of the Hudson River on 9-11. We may as all just take a Trump pill where we can hallucinate his dreams, but why bother with neurochemistry when the non-objective media can provide the same altered reality.

When truth is obliterated, there can be no reference points of an objective reality. Perception is the prize.

What disparages many Americans about a Trump presidency is an administration bereft of humility as that is considered a weakness.
As Mr. Trump said himself regarding John McCain’s time spent in POW camp in Vietnam, “I like people who don’t get captured.” To Mr. Trump, life is played out on a Monopoly board where the object is to own everything and the weak are unentitled.

Yet, to adopt such an unrelenting view on life and its vicissitudes is to invite the dark side of human nature to rear its ugly head. Is in any wonder the Alt-right has emerged from the shadows.

It's no secret what the great poets, writers and psychologists have determined to be an essential part of being human – the ability to accept imperfection. As Leonard Cohen, said, “Everything has cracks, that’s how the light gets in.”

Mr. Trump seems impenetrable because he values strength and projection of perfection. There is no light to be refracted through him.

A corollary to the spirituality of imperfection is the most vulnerable parts of our nature are often those closest to our greatest gifts. However, Mr. Trump admits no vulnerability when confronted but instead only projects more hubris and audacity augmented by dubious statements that in the end cannot bode well for this country.

With President Donald Trump at the helm, America is embarking on an excursion into unchartered political waters. Buckle your seat belts it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Written by Mike Bernos

Mike Bernos is an award-winning journalist, having written for among others, ABC News, Gannett News, USA Today, Florida Trend and Christian Science Monitor. He is the author of three books and a songwriter whose works appear on Pandora, Sirius XM, and Spotify. He lives in Riverside.