Miami Worldcenter: 2nd largest US urban project begins

August 10, 2016 9 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article shares an impressive set of renderings and provides an update on Florida's largest, and the country's second-largest, urban infill project: Miami Worldcenter.

Phase one construction of Miami Worldcenter, America’s second-largest luxury urban development, is now underway.

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Miami Worldcenter is being built on a 1.1 million square foot terrestrial landscape spread across six downtown Miami city blocks. At 27-acres, Miami Worldcenter is second in size only to New York’s Hudson Yards development at 28-acres. In comparison, Rockefeller Center, built in 1931, is 22-acres. It is the largest building project in Florida and in Miami history.

Paramount Miami Worldcenter News Magazine Package from Bryan Glazer on Vimeo.

For Renderings and Graphics Click Here