Evolve: Wakefield Poole: Jax Gay Life in the 1950s

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Wakefield Poole, one of Jacksonville's most colorful natives, toured with the Ballet Russe, distinguished himself as one of the hottest choreographers on Broadway, befriended Marlena Deitrich and then went on to become one of the great pioneers of queer erotica in the 1950s. But the man who reshaped the medium was a gay teenager in Jacksonville during the 1950s. He recounts his experiences in this exclusive Metrojacksonville/TVJax interview.

Starring Wakefield Poole
A TVJax  / Metro Jacksonville Production
Producer Sam Farmer
Director: Stephen Dare
Editor: Chad Hendricks
Animations: Sam Farmer

We have featured several articles and interviews with Wakefield over the past few years, and he finally seems to be getting the recognition that he deserves.  His films are being remastered and released as collections, Sun Ray Cinema recently featured him at a double film opening with Bruce LaBruce, and almost every publication in town has written a feature piece within the past 12 months.

Definitely one of Jville's most singular sons, and in this video he tells what it was really like to be gay in the 1950s here.  Complete with an arrest story featuring a cop named Officer Bacon (because, obviously)

article by stephen dare

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