Great Ideas; No Action: 10 Projects That Never Happened

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Over the past 100 years, Jacksonville has been an epicenter of economic opportunity. It's also been a place where dreams have come to die. Here's 10 proposals with some merit that, for a variety of reasons, ultimately failed to materialize into reality.

1. The Jacksonville Quay

This Ocean Street fish market would have been in the center of Simons' proposed Jacksonville Quay.

Proposed by Jacksonville city planner George W. Simons, Jr. in 1929, The Quay would have been a public owned riverfront market, taking up three blocks of the Northbank between Main and Market Streets.  It would have been a centralized place where goods from at least 17 surrounding counties would have been traded and sold to the public. The site was seen ideal because it had good road, rail, water access and it was central to the city's residents. It was also viewed as something that would economically enhance the downtown waterfront.

In fact, the Florida Times-Union stated "the creation of the quayage would greatly improve the appearance of the waterfront in that area and would enhance the value of the adjoining property."

So what ended up happening? Nothing. Like many great ideas throughout time, the Quay never made it off the drawing board. Today, this site is occupied by the Hyatt Regency Riverfront hotel and the Jacksonville Landing's riverfront parking lot.

Today, this site is occupied by the Hyatt and the Landing's parking lot.

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