Gator fan shoots at LSU fans after argument

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A Gator fan in Baton Rouge didn't take kindly to the ribbing he was taking from LSU fans.

A Florida Gators fan was arrested in Baton Rouge this weekend after chasing down a group of people in his car and opening fire on their vehicle — all because one of them insulted his UF attire.

The Advocate reports it all started late Friday night at a local club where a group of men were attending a bachelor party. When one of the men directed an unwanted comment to 32-year-old Everett L. Beauchamp IV regarding his Florida Gators gear, all hell broke loose.

“Beauchamp picked up a stool at the valet entrance to the club and tried to assault the man who made the comment, but he was stopped,” the Advocate reported.

He then “threatened to get a weapon and walked to his vehicle to get a handgun,” according to police reports, prompting the men attending the bachelor party to retreat to their own vehicle.

End of story, right? Nah.

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