The Skyway's future is in question: What's next?

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6. Newark City Subway - Newark, NJ
Option selected: Modification of early 20th century streetcar subway into LRT

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New Jersey Transit's Newark City Subway opened in 1935. At the time, it was operated by the Public Service Coordinated Transport as its No. 7 line. In 1954, when Minneapolis' Twin City Rapid Transit (TCRT) shut down its streetcar system in favor of buses, 30 PCC streetcars were acquired from TCRT and relocated to Newark.

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When it came time to decide what to do with its aging fleet of PCC streetcars, New Jersey Transit replaced them with new light rail cars built by Japan-based Kinki Sharyo. In 2002, the Newark City Subway was extended to the suburbs of Belleville and Bloomfield, along track owned by Norfolk Southern (NS). This corridor operates at-grade and is has an operation agreement for NS to operate during all off-peak hours. Today, Newark's LRT system is 6.2-miles in length.

Back in Jacksonville

On August 28, 2015, Metro Jacksonville forum members were presented with a poll to provide their opinions on what path the JTA should take. The poll closed on September 11, 2015. The results are provided below:

A. 0% - Overhaul: Spend $70.2 million to keep the existing vehicles operating for another 20 years.

B. 71.4% - New Vehicles: Spend $85.1 million to buy new vehicles that will last 25-40 years.

C. 5.7% - Decommission: Spend up to $78.5 million to demolish it and payback $38.1 million obligation.

D. 20% - Repurpose: Spend up to $67.8 million to convert to "high line" and payback $38.1 million obligation.

So what's the lesson for Jacksonville and JTA? Use this as an opportunity to be creative and think outside of the box!

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