The Skyway's future is in question: What's next?

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3. Metromover - Miami, FL
Option selected: New vehicles

Jacksonville's Skyway and Miami's Metromover are 2 of 3 downtown people movers operating in the United States. Metromover opened to great fanfare on April 17, 1986, utilizing C-100 automated people mover vehicles first developed by Westinghouse Transportation Systems.

In 1992, an additional 17 C-100 vehicles were acquired for Metromover operations. In 1994, it was expanded to the Omni and Brickell districts, north and south of Miami's historic downtown core. Serving a rapidly growing downtown district, after becoming free fare in 2002, ridership doubled from 4.7 million to nearly 9 million in 2005.

By the late 2000s, most C-100s, which were popular vehicles at airports, had been retired. Faced with an aging fleet, Metromover began replacing its C-100 vehicles with Bombardier Innovia APM 100 vehicles in 2008. The new vehicles offer riders a more aerodynamic design, include an onboard CCTV system, and have a capacity of 105 (22 seating, 83 standing).

Armed with supportive land use policies, today the 21-station Metromover is 4.4 miles in length with a daily ridership of 35,300 and is considered to be a catalyst for downtown development.

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