8 Surprising Things Manufactured In Jax

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Jacksonville's manufacturing scene is a Florida anomaly. Here's a list a few products being produced locally that you may find surprising.

3. Gate Precast Company

Courtesy of Gate Precast Company

Gate began with a small little gas station on Jacksonville’s Northside and a man named Herbert Peyton. The company came to be known as Gate Petroleum. While profitable for several years, the oil crisis of 1972 made Peyton realize that diversification in the company might be good.

Gate Precast Company is Gate's oldest non-petroleum division. Acquired in 1980, the company provides prestressed concrete products for bridges, parking garages, total precast dormitories, stadiums and building structures throughout Florida. Notable local projects include the I-95/I-10 interchange and the Dames Point Bridge.

Located on the Trout River, Gate's massive 85-acre precast concrete plant has an annual capacity of producing 65,000 cubic yards of Prestressed Concrete and 3 Million square feet of Hollow Core. It includes an 144,000 square-foot enclosed production facility and  features complete barge-loading capabilities for distribution to the Gulf and Atlantic coast destinations.  

Gate Precast Company can be found at 402 Zoo Parkway.

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