The Walking Revolution

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After 75 years of urban planning that encouraged a sedentary lifestyle, a radical redesign of our cities and open space has finally begun. Parks and pathways are making a comeback to create truly walkable communities through partnerships between local residents, businesses, developers, municipalities, urban planners and health care providers. Is Jacksonville ready to join the revolution?

The Walking Revolution is a documentary about the health benefits of walking, what makes communities walkable and what that means for the environment and the economy. The documentary explores the tremendous changes a regular walking routine can make in your life and community. The following topics are covered:

1. The impact of inactivity
2. Eliminating walking from our culture
3. The evolution of man and walking
4. Walking to better health
5. Building walkable communities

This video is an 8-minute version of a 30-minute documentary film, produced by Every Body Walk!, that explores the positive changes a simple walking routine can make in your life and community. The full length documentary is available online at: