Arash Kamiar: Interview with Susie Wiles

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Susie Wiles has a long list of accomplishments. She led the conservation efforts in Jacksonville while working as Chief of Staff for Mayor John Delaney. She was the pivotal force for bringing together the Jacksonville Journey during Mayor John Peyton's Administration. Gov. Rick Scott recruited her to lead his campaign in 2010 and John Huntsman, Former Gov. of Utah, brought Susie on to direct his presidential campaign in 2012.

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Other than listing accomplishments, how can I describe Susie...

I keep landing on the word "web" as in spider web but that's an inaccurate description because of our typical menacing associations with the word. The word web is to imply that she's a connecting force but an even better way to describe her is as Charlotte, from E.B. White's Charlotte's Web. She's the person that comes up with the plan, brings people together and accomplishes a task because she personally believes in it. She makes the Wilbur's of the world special.

This interview was recorded in early March, prior to the Jacksonville 2015 Mayoral election. We cover a lot of topics, mostly on the political side of Jacksonville but also the national political landscape.

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