Arash Kamiar: Interview with Keagan Anfuso

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Arash Kamiar interviews Keagan Anfuso on her upcoming film, The Grey Area. The story explores Keagan's childhood and adulthood as someone who does not fit into American gender types.

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This recorded interview is a much shorter and second iteration of an extended conversation I had with Keagan Anfuso a few weeks prior.

I hope the interview captures the dynamism and thoughtfulness of Keagan. She's awesome and easy to talk to.

This conversation focuses on her personal story and the perspective film she's developing around that story, which relates to gender types (is that the right phrase? I don't know).

I don't remember if we captured part of our dialogue in which Keagan expressed a bit of nervousness about developing a film around her personal narrative. If I remember correctly, she was concerned with coming across as self-centered.

Hearing her say that was a little bit of a mind-bender for me because I've never gotten that feeling from Keagan. She's cares about her work. She's upfront. She's doesn't BS. The type of qualities that I personally admire.  Self-centered? No.

I tend to think that our stories are meant to be shared. It is part of our humanity. If we do't share our story, who will? No one knows our thoughts as well as we do. Others can help organize and bring clarity to our stories but without sharing what is most personal to us, our selves; the story that exist then is devoid of context. Our stories become a matter of conjecture rather than perspective.  

Hopefully, you enjoy the interview!

Trailer for The Grey Area:


THE GREY AREA is a documentary short film focused on the perspective of one masculine female as she gives insight into how the antiquated stereotypical definitions of gender that still exist affect her life.

This trailer has been conceptually designed as a point-of-view perspective based on what it's like to be a masculine female living day to day, interacting with friends, family, coworkers, and strangers. Every line is a direct quote from the life experiences of the film's co-director and main subject, Keagan Anfuso.

Connect with Keagan Anfuso:
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